Contactless donation terminal for receiving donations from your visitors

Moodus Give

Receive contactless donations directly to your bank account

The use of cash is falling sharply. The number of contactless payments has increased to 85% (!). How does this trend affect the raising of donations? Moodus Give makes it possible to collect contactless donations quickly, easily and in a sympathetic way.

Are you well prepared?

The use of contactless payment methods has increased enormously due to the Coronavirus. With Moodus Give you will soon be able to easily respond to the adjusted (payment) behavior of your visitors by offering them a contactless donation option. In addition, you offer them the freedom to choose their donation amount themselves, after which the amount will be transferred directly to your account.

Curious about what Moodus Give might yield in a year?

Moodus Give

The new way to raise donations in a contactless age. Receive contactless donations with debit card or mobile phone (NFC). The promoboard is easy to change and can be designed according to your own creativity. This allows you to respond to emotions and communicate clearly where the donations are intended for.

4G / UTP

Debit cards & NFC

Why contactless?

Safe &

You no longer have cash on site, so you do not have to deposit it. In addition, exchanging cash can transmit the coronavirus.

Higher donation amounts

Research has shown that people are more generous with contactless payments. With Moodus Give the average amount donated is €4.78.


The donations are deposited directly into your account and have a specific label. This makes it very easy to see which amounts have been donated and your account remains transparent.


80% of all transactions in 2020 were digital. And 85% of the payments were contactless!

85% van de nederlanders gebruikt contant geld

Also start with raising donations contactless! From €1.15 per day