Moodus Give

Cost overview

Give Terminal (1 year contract)
€ 0,99 per day (€ 361,- a year, upfront payment)
€ 0.25  per donation (payment transaction cost)

Data plan (optional)
€ 5,- per/month

Promo bord
Free – basic promo board
€50,- branded promo board

Floor stand
€80,- floor stand + (free) upgrade promo board to 40 x 60 cm

Shipping cost
€ 8,45 shipping cost NL 
€ 19,95 shipping cost EU 
€ 34,95 shipping cost outside EU

  • You decide the donateable amount
  • The contract duration is one year

Basic promo board

Moodus Give

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The amounts depend on whether you take the basic or the + (plus) version € 361 and € 420 per year respectively.

The transaction costs are

Cost per transactionPayment procesorCredit card company
NL debit card€ 0,25 
EU debit card€ 0,25 
Creditcard€ 0,201,25% with the minimum of €0,25

Through the form on the order page of Moodus:


The dimensions of the device are (l x w x h) 12 x 12 x 24 cm
The (standard) backboard is 24 x 35 cm

The terminal including the optional floor stand is 134 cm. The corresponding back has a size of 40 x 60 cm.

Any organization registered with the Chamber of Commerce can use Moodus Give.

With your order you have the option to choose between a standard promo board or a branded variant.

With the standard version you can only select your logo, your text and your corporate identity color.

You can also download a template for the backboard from us where you can create your own design using graphic software (eg Photoshop or illustrator). If you send this to us, we will take care of the production.

Another option is that Moodus takes care of the design for you (at an additional cost). In this case select the option for a branded promo board.

Unfortunately this is not possible. The only option that Moodus offers is leasing the Moodus Give terminals.

The minimum amount is € 1 and the maximum amount is € 25

Depending on which terminal you want to use, this is either a static amount. Or it is three amounts that your customer can select using the buttons. You have the option to notify us of these amounts in advance. Then we’ll ensure that these amounts are pre-programmed.

If your terminal is outside the coverage of the used 3G network, it will not be possible to process a payment.

The donated amount is always transferred directly to your bank account.

However, you can choose the option to have the transaction costs settled immediately. Or to receive an invoice from Moodus every month with the transaction costs owed.

All you need is a socket (Type C / F 230 Volt)

The average amount of all donations is around € 3.50. you could therefore choose € 3.50 as the standard amount for the normal terminal. And if you have the + version € 2.50 € 5.00 € 7.50

After your contract ends we will send you a return barcode, with which you can return your Moodus give terminal (without the floor stand) for free.

Donations are non-refundable.

The device can be attached using double-sided tape

No, if your lease contract expires, you must return the terminal to Moodus.

Yes, you buy the floor stabd from Moodus. You will own the floor stand after the contract has ended.

Yes, the tripod can be anchored with a chain / cable. However, Moodus does not provide this.